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Work Makes Me Nervous” 

This self-help book for performance anxiety at work includes a one of a kind and rare description of recovery from avoidant personality disorder.

The Ultimate Prevention for Avoidant-Dependent Personality.
Selective Mutism Childhood Intervention

Click here for Confessions of an “Avoidance Addict.”

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The Sally Jessy Raphael Show in 1988
The “Socially Handicapped”

Self-Help and Treatment Options

  1. Free Introductory CD
  2. “Social Anxiety the Untold Story”: Comprehensive Self-Help for Sufferers and Families
  3. The book, “Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties” (Simon & Schuster)
  4. The book, “Work Makes Me Nervous: Self-Help for Performance Anxiety (Wiley and Sons)
  5. Comprehensive self-therapy audio CD program for social and performance anxiety
  6. Public Speaking Anxiety: Self Therapy Audio CD Program
  7. Therapy in Great Neck, New York
  8. Therapy worldwide via telephone or Skype
  9. Selective Mutism Seminar on Audio CD
  10. “Parenting The Selectively Mute Child”: Self-therapy Audio CD Program
  11. Free social-ability questionnaire
  12. Subscribe to the Tip of the Month Club
  13. “Social Therapy and the Learning Disabled: A seminar on Audio tape and mp3
  14. Free “Parent Addiction” quiz
  15. AskJonathan: Get your questions about social anxiety answered