Selective Mutism Treatment

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“The Berent Method teaches parents to nurture children through the insidious, complex, and ingrained avoidance-dependence-anxiety dynamic”.

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Selective mutism is a specific example of social phobia and a variation of obsessive compulsive disorder. The Berent Method of treatment is parent focused. The treatment goal is resolution of the core issue; therefore, therapy integrates technique with core work. You can access treatment from anywhere by telephone or Skype. (read more)

Interviews with Patients who have resolved Selective Mutism

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Toward a Resolution of Selective Mutism: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive “Syndrome”

Toward a Resolution of Selective Mutism: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive “Syndrome” It’s relatively easy to identify the child immersed in a world of verbal inhibition and shutdown. Think about it. The more the child is mute, the more the child stands out in any social environment. This objective reality is in opposition to the child’s belief […]

The Ten Key Points To Know About Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is a social anxiety disorder characterized by not speaking to specific people or in specific venues. It is a specific variation of obsessive compulsive disorder. “Obsessive” refers to the conscious and non-conscious worrying. “Compulsive” refers to the verbal shutdown. The problem varies in degrees of severity. In addition to children many adolescents and […]

Mental Health Issues for the Selective Mutism Child Within School Setting

  This is a complex subject about which I can write extensively. My objective with this article is to identify, and begin to organize, mental health issues for the Selective Mutism child within academic environments. “My child is normal at home. It’s school that’s the problem!” When a teacher tells parents that a child doesn’t […]

A Child’s Silent Scream: Selective Mutism

Mikey age 7, an intellectually gifted child, never spoke in school. The school recommended speech therapy. This proved useless as the problem was selective mutism, which is a very specific form of social and performance anxiety. Ashley’s mother hoped that she would be able to overcome her shyness in kindergarten. When summoned to the school […]

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  1. Free Introductory CD
  2. “Social Anxiety the Untold Story”: Comprehensive Self-Help for Sufferers and Families
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  5. Comprehensive self-therapy audio CD program for social and performance anxiety
  6. Public Speaking Anxiety: Self Therapy Audio CD Program
  7. Therapy in Great Neck, New York
  8. Therapy worldwide via telephone or Skype
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  10. “Parenting The Selectively Mute Child”: Self-therapy Audio CD Program
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