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Social Anxiety runs the spectrum from performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and toxic perfectionism to selective mutism and pervasive social avoidance. Many of the millions impacted fear being noticeably nervous, as in erythraphobia (fear of blushing), hyper-hidrosis (sweating), and voice shaking. Social anxiety remains a complex challenge for the mental health professions as most sufferers never seek help due to embarrassment driven detachment and avoidance.

The following clinical interviews may be the most documented clinical success with social anxiety. These interviews are with real patients who had the courage to tell their stories. Their stories represent the development and attainment of a “high performance mind”, which is the essence of The Berent Treatment Methodology. If you listen carefully you will gain insight into the healing process.

Blushing & Erythrophobia Interviews

“Blush, Sweat and Tears” - Clinical Proof that Blushing is Controllable

This unique discussion may be one of a kind! Four patients who suffered from Erythraphobia and social anxiety discuss their healing journey and treatment experience. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best measuring treatment progress) two of the participants self -evaluated as 9, one a 7, and the other was just beginning treatment; a 1. Listen carefully and you will gain insight into the methodology of recovery including the technique of adrenaline acceptance, “mind state” work, management of emotions and self-esteem.


“I’d Rather Be Back in Chemotherapy Than Speak in Front of a Group”: Erythrophobia Resolved

“Carol” an ovarian cancer survivor, and mother of two, describes the intensity of her anxiety. “Cancer shook me to my core. It was just me with the fight of my life vs. with blushing it’s people putting judgment and expectations on me. It’s my bright red burning face larger than life for everyone to see”. The social anxiety-driven blushing made her “a prisoner” as she avoided anything that would “put her in the spotlight”. The interpretation she put on the blushing was that “everyone could see that I was frightened and they would disregard everything I had to say”.


Group Anxiety and Blushing - “The Redder I got the More Upset I Became”

“Karen”, a film editor, explains “I would try to escape in any way possible. The avoidance was affecting my social and work life!” Here she describes her emotional and physiological (psycho-physiological) challenges and success. At one point “she felt the blush working its’ way up (her body), accepted it and it never reached her face!”


No Surgery – No Drugs: Performance Anxiety and Blushing Resolved - Treatment Via Telephone

Once having considered an operation to sever her nerves, “Diane”, in her 40’s, describes her resolution – through therapy via telephone – of erythrophobia. When Diane initiated treatment she was at a “low point”. Her fear of blushing prevented her from getting “in front” of the people necessary to advance her career. Her avoidance was causing depression. Her anxiety was based on her belief that when she blushed “people would think she was not smart enough”. She describes how she learned to be “very good at hiding things” . Her insight into the ingrained character of the problem, and the fact that its’ seeds were in grammar school, was crucial for her healing.


Free Seminar on Blushing and Performance Anxiety

Jonathan Berent and a recovered patient discuss the methodology for healing. On the verge of a having a physician perform a sympathectomy, “Jim” gained control over his blushing, obsessive compulsive challenges, and performance anxiety.


Obsessing, Blushing, and Social Anxiety Resolved, Drug-free - He Once Considered an Operation to Sever His Nerves

“Jim” a 26 year old businessman describes with creativity, insight, and high energy how he resolved his debilitating fear of blushing (erythraphobia), fear of public speaking, and obsessive compulsive disorder. While “Jim” was very social, outgoing and charismatic, his social anxiety was driving an underlying depression which “he was unaware of”.


Once having considered an operation to sever her nerves, Diane describes her resolution

Once having considered an operation to sever her nerves, Diane describes her resolution – through therapy via telephone – of this” medical” disorder.


An Audio Introduction from Jonathan Berent

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