Public Speaking

Public Speaking Anxiety: Groundbreaking Self-Therapy
Jonathan Berent, L.C.S.W.

This program is for the person who acknowledges that he or she has performance anxiety with public speaking rather than believing the problem simply a skills issue. It is geared for intelligent, realistic, and motivated individuals who are tired of living with the dread of public speaking anxiety.

If you want a program based on thinking like “Imagine the audience is in their underwear”, or suggestive technique like “make sure your notes are organized” this program is definitely not for you!

If your life goals are high, and you wish to live with passion instead of positioning yourself with defensive fear and worry, this program will empower you!

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You may want to listen to the following interviews of clients who have worked my program. These interviews are not only testimonials. They offer the listener tremendous insight and very personal content:

Click here to visit our “Social Anxiety Resolved” interview resource library to hear more interviews with real people who successfully overcame their social anxieties.

In this self-help program for public speaking anxiety you will learn:

  • The powerful psychotherapeutic methodology of mind-state development.
  • A paradoxical strategy to control noticeable symptoms of nervousness.
  • The state of the art biofeedback-based, self-regulation technology.
  • A four-step technique for adrenaline control.
  • The connection between emotion and physiology.
  • Strategies for controlling the obsessive mind.
  • How to develop your behavioral “game-plan”.

The result of 30 years of clinical experience with literally thousands of clients, this one of a kind 2 1/2 hour self-therapy program audio CD is now available.

I have been featured on over 1500 television and radio shows; everything from “Oprah” to “Opie & Anthony” addressing the subject of “social anxiety”. Believe me! I have experienced “The (Very) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of public speaking. The result of this extensive experience is in this new program, which is a multi-dimensional strategy for resolution of public speaking anxiety.

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