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Social Anxiety runs the spectrum from performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and toxic perfectionism to selective mutism and pervasive social avoidance. Many of the millions impacted fear being noticeably nervous, as in erythraphobia (fear of blushing), hyper-hidrosis (sweating), and voice shaking. Social anxiety remains a complex challenge for the mental health professions as most sufferers never seek help due to embarrassment driven detachment and avoidance.

The following clinical interviews may be the most documented clinical success with social anxiety. These interviews are with real patients who had the courage to tell their stories. Their stories represent the development and attainment of a “high performance mind”, which is the essence of The Berent Treatment Methodology. If you listen carefully you will gain insight into the healing process.

 Public Speaking & Performance Anxiety Interviews

Senior Exec Resolves Public Speaking Anxiety

“Tom” a senior executive and former semi-pro football player and military swat team member describes how he changed his life by resolving his deep rooted public speaking anxiety. Hear how he embraced the adrenaline to facilitate his “passion”.


Technology Exec Makes Friends with Adrenaline

Learn from this technology executive of a 30 billion dollar company who suffered from intermittent, but long term social anxiety and public speaking anxiety. Hear how he integrated the adrenaline control technique to make adrenaline his “friend” and source of power! Gain insight into the ingrained nature of hyper-vigilance and detachment.


Professional Speaker Resolves Public Speaking Anxiety

“John” describes how he once had “joy” with public speaking but lost it due to his anxiety which drove his avoidance and performance phobia. He “tried everything” but realized all of his previous attempts at help were “band aids over a gaping wound”. Very close to “abusing medication” he rediscovered his “”joy” by doing core work, which helped him understand his deep rooted anger, which had been recycling and driving his obsessive worry. The Berent method helped him channel the anger into productive and proactive energy.


Perfectionism, Public Speaking Dysfunction, and “Burnout”

Perfectionism is a symptom of obsessive compulsive personality disorder. It is a characteristic of insecurity. The rigidity of perfectionism inhibits flexibility, performance and productivity. It causes “burnout”, which is mental exhaustion, and depression.. “Lauren”, a straight A student at an Ivy League College and high level businesswoman, describes her challenge and path to healing.


“High Performance” Use of Beta Blockers

All too often I encounter patients who have become overly dependent on prescription medication for their social and performance anxiety. A common problem scenario is over-dependence on beta blockers. While this dependence is more psychological than physical, the results can be devastatingly negative. Frequently prescribed for stage fright and performance anxiety, they can be effective in blocking adrenaline surges. The philosophy in The Berent Treatment Method for performance anxiety is that when used occasionally in high risk situations this is productive for healing. But; when over-adapting via beta blocker dependence occurs there is minimal opportunity to learn and implement the adrenaline control technique. This is because the technique is based on adrenalin acceptance and you have to feel that which you want to control. This interview describes productive integration of beta blockers into the treatment process.


Performance Anxiety and Hyper-hidrosis Resolved without Medication - Successful Lawyer

Hear “Kevin”, a successful lawyer describe insightfully how he learned to resolve his hyperhidrosis-driven public speaking anxiety and fear of being noticeably nervous. He describes how he controlled his “internal critical script”, which in turn stopped his sweating during a business meeting. While learning to control his “perfectionism” he states “I stopped trying to be perfect and focused on being the best I could be”!


7 Figure Salesman Addresses Performance Anxiety

Hear “Ray” describe his battle and success with performance anxiety and fear of public speaking in an ultra-competitive business. Core work included resolution of embarrassment, shame, and unresolved anger and rage at non-conscious levels. The client evolved from not getting out of bed in the morning due to anxiety and depression to major career advancement and harmony in his personal life.


Public Speaking Panic & Obsession Resolved: Award Winning Salesman

Even though “Rob”, was a highly successful salesman his anxiety was creating tremendous emotional pain. He describes how his anxiety “got to the point where he had difficulty talking to people”. It became a chore to the point where he “was not doing his job well”. In meetings where he received awards he was not able to share his success strategy to “people who were looking for direction”. He knew his anxiety “was out of control but didn’t know what to do about it”. His learning curve in treatment was exceptional.


Performance Anxiety, Depression, Medication Dependence, Learning Disability - Freedom from Medicine & the Belief “I Was Born This Way”

“Mike”, a 26 yr. old ambitious entrepreneur describes his resolution of multiple psychological challenges. With dramatic insight he communicates the impact his special education experience had on his social anxiety and self- esteem. He originally “did not understand what was going on” regarding his panic and anxiety. Before treatment he believed “he was born this way” and there was nothing he could do about it!”


Public Speaking Anxiety Resolved by “Gifted Salesman”

Robert described his anxiety upon initiating treatment with the following: “As I approached the boardroom I would experience a spiraling effect. I was having bad recurring experiences with anxiety which were getting worse with each challenge. It was horrible because when I was on a speaking cycle of every 2-3 months the anxiety was worse because of the build- up. I never ran from the challenge. I continued attacking but my mechanisms were not working”. Robert’s success in treatment was very much based on his core work revolving around his “walk of shame” concurrent with his implementation of the paradox-based adrenaline control methodology.


Pharmaceutical Rep Resolves Chronic Public Speaking Phobia and Fear of Being Noticeably Nervous

“Bill” had achieved a relatively high level of success in sales relying on one to one scenarios and spontaneous interactions with physicians in hospitals. Career pressure and advancement required that he face the anxiety scenarios that he had been very adept at avoiding; group presentations and meetings. In fact he had been avoiding job opportunities due to his anxiety, which he described as “anelephant sitting on my chest when trying to talk”. He had gone to a psychiatrist for help, but did not like the medication route. In this interview he discusses his high performance learning curve which was characterized by confidence implementing the paradoxical technique required for psycho-physiological control and management of sweating and blushing.


Anxiety vs. “Character Disorder”: Public Speaking-Performance Anxiety Resolved: Alcohol Insights

In this candid discussion “Mike” describes the “grey cloud over his head” caused by his daily worry regarding public speaking. His primary fear was that his voice would “quiver or shake”. High on the food chain of a small company he had been in a position to become quite proficient at avoiding anxiety inducing situations. His career as a salesman was threatened the more he avoided “getting in front of potential customers”. With a substantial amount of “expendable income” fine restaurants and “partying” became a way of life. The insidious nature of his relationship with alcohol became a major factor for deteriorating performance at work and negative mental health. Understanding the “physiology of performance” concurrent to self-esteem work is what “Mike” credits for his success.


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