Free Sociability Questionnaire


The Sociability Questionnaire is a skill index which measures the degree of your social-ability. It’s an objective measure which covers five areas of socialization:

  1. Self Concept
  2. Social Anxiety
  3. Feelings Toward Parents and Degree of Independence
  4. Knowledge of Social Etiquette
  5. Empathy

Your responses to this Sociability Questionnaire® will give you one indication of the degree to which you are socially adept.

Sample questions

Questions are answered True or False

I listen patiently to others and try to see things from their point of view.

  1. I often think about my physical appearance and what kind of impression I make on others.
  2. I am able to openly discuss the quality of my relationship to someone else in my conversations with him or her.
  3. I am prone to attacks of anxiety and don’t know how to control them.
  4. I often feel that life is not worth living.
  5. I understand all of the different roles which I play in life.
  6. I have plenty of self confidence.
  7. When I look at how things are going in my life, it’s hard to imagine that I will ever amount to anything.
  8. When I’m in public, I’m often confused about how to act.
  9. I understand the difference between a friend and an acquaintance.

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