Comprehensive Self-Therapy Audio Program




“Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social & Performance Anxieties”

The comprehensive self-help interactive program for treatment of social anxiety disorders and phobias

This ground-breaking, self-empowering, learn-in-the-privacy-of-your-own-space self-therapy audio CD program is for you if you or a dependent suffers from social anxieties, disorders or phobias, including:

  • Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Social Panic
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of People
  • Loneliness
  • Performance Problems
  • Social isolation
  • Overdependence on Parents
  • Social Skills Deficits
  • Anxiety-Based Handicaps
  • Shyness

Join Jonathan Berent, A.C.S.W. – the psychotherapist who pioneered treatment for social anxiety and authored “Beyond Shyness: How To Conquer Social Anxieties” (Simon & Schuster) – as he guides and supports you on a multi-dimensional ten-hour journey of self-therapy.

What’s Inside the Self-Help Program:

The audio CD provides a framework for understanding social anxieties – from both academic and real-life standpoints – and details steps to successfully overcome them. A workbook re-enforces the learning and self-therapy process. It contains exercises, assessment tools, and profiles. Included are numerous e-mails from around the world, which describe and provide insight into the state of social anxiety, social phobia, and shyness.

You’ll Learn Tools to Overcome Social Anxieties:

  • How to develop a “High Performance Mind”
  • How to instate a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Self-Diagnostics to create your “map” for change
  • How to manage anxiety and panic
  • A seven-step comprehensive stress management program
  • “Corrective Parenting” for the socially-anxious/”socially challenged” child
  • How to “empower” v.s. “enable” children/dependents who suffer from social anxiety
  • Social skills protocol
  • A “state of the art & science” self-regulation/relaxation technology
  • Strategies for mind-body (psycho-physiological) control
  • A three-step nutritional program for anxiety control.

Hear Real People Who Faced up to Social Anxiety Disorders:

  • A recovered school phobic (now a Ph.D.) tells how he “cured” his social anxiety without medicine.
  • A high-powered, successful salesman explains how he conquered his public speaking anxiety without medicine (via telephone therapy).
  • A 28-year-old woman (who appeared on television network news representing a pharmaceutical company) describes her experience with Paxil – going on and getting off of medicine.
  • A successful chiropractor explains how he turned his learning disability induced anxiety into productivity that created a multi-million dollar practice.
  • A 26-year-old male describes how he conquered his performance anxiety and involuntary virginity without medicine.
  • The mother of a 12-year-old “selectively mute” and socially phobic child describes how she and her husband learned “corrective parenting” to facilitate healing.
  • A 30-year-old patient with social anxiety and depression explains the importance of dealing with anger in the healing process.

Be Guided by Experts:

In addition to primary direction by Jonathan Berent, A.C.S.W., you’ll be guided by medical experts:

  • Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of “Food and Healing” (Ballantine) and noted nutritionist, details a three-step nutritional plan for mental and emotional health.
  • Dr. Robert Lutrell, M.D. explains when and how to use medication for the treatment of social anxiety.

Within the United States: $14.95 shipping and handling per kit
Outside of the United States: $21.95 shipping and handling per kit

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