Parenting The Socially Phobic & Avoidant Adult

September 5, 2023
1 Episode

The socially phobic adult with avoidant personality and overly dependent behavior presents a complex and daunting therapeutic challenge. In fact, the mental health professions have been confounded by this clinical scenario. This podcast provides critical information for parents and concerned persons of adults who have had a long-term struggle or paralysis with launching. Launching refers to social, academic, career, relationship, and emotional pursuits.

Public Speaking Anxiety & Fear of Being Noticeably Nervous: Mind Surgery for High Performers

September 2, 2021
2 Episodes

This 2-episode podcast hosted by Jonathan Berent, L.C.S.W. is a clinical map for healing. It is for high performing individuals who suffer from public speaking anxiety disorder and the fear of being noticeably nervous. Learn the treatment architecture for performance anxiety, panic, fear of blushing (erythrophobia), fear of sweating (hyper-hidrosis), voice freeze (selective mutism), dissociation, obsessive worry, and perfectionism.

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