Do you have Public Speaking Anxiety?

The following pattern of characteristics will help you determine if you are challenged with public speaking anxiety disorder vs. normal discomfort with public speaking. Check those which apply to you. Obviously; the more checked the more serious the problem.

There is a consistent pattern where I avoid scenarios which require me to do formal public speaking or presenting to groups.
I avoid speaking in social situations.
I lie and make up excuses to avoid speaking in public.
When I do speak in public I experience uncomfortable physical symptoms.
I worry about being noticeably nervous when speaking in public.
I am dependent on substances (prescription or otherwise) in order to be able to speak in public.
When I avoid a public speaking scenario I rationalize by saying to myself that I “will do it next time”.
I often panic, or fear that I will panic, when speaking in public.
After speaking in public I tend to obsess on what I said.
I worry about how people will judge me when I speak in public.
I tend to have two levels of fear when speaking in public: 1. People will see that I’m nervous. 2. People will see who I really am.
I fear my adrenaline because I can’t control it.
The emotions of potential humiliation, embarrassment, and shame dominate when I know I have to do public speaking.
I have considered changing careers because of my public speaking anxiety.
I fear that people will think I’m a fraud when speaking in public.
The emotional pain of public speaking anxiety is overwhelming.

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