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20 year old daughter with Selective Mutism

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My daughter is 20 years old and has had selective mutism since she began school.   We have been through several therapists and feel that she has come a long way since she was a child, however we do not feel that she is 'cured'.   She has gotten to the point where she has acquired her drivers license, has completed a cosmetology course and is in the process of getting her state license.   The problem is that she is having great difficulty in finding a job in the field that she has chosen due to the fact that she is still quiet, not the outgoing, bubbly person that hair salons so often want.   She has been on many interviews, something that I never thought she would be able to do, but I'm sure she is coming off as shy and withdrawn.   Retail stores will not even hire her and I believe that it is because of her quiet personality.   Although she is facing these challenges, it does not stop her from 'cold calling' these salons, simply walking in, introducing herself and handing them her resume.  I am very happy to see her doing this, but it still has met with no success.   Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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