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Constant arguments with my girlfriend

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I am not sure if I suffer from this disorder, but i know that i do have some behavioral problem. The problem is that when ever the girlfriend and I have a disagrement it always turns into this huge fight where im at the point of packing my stuff and leaving. And if she cries or i see her in emotional pain like i feel practically no emotion towards it to want and comfort her. And i dont express my self to her or its hard to get a word out of me to communicate or show emotional comfort. And at times i have gotten anger out by being physical with material objects. Dont know what to do anymore but know i need help for this disorder.

There are layers to your problem (obviously). From the content you shared some of the layers are:

  1. Histrionic behavior.
  2. Lack of empathy.
  3. Nurturing deficit.
  4. Re: "hard to get a word out". The key here is to be clear if you want to get a word out. If you do and are not able to it's important to be clear on the diagnostics of the inhibited communication.
  5. Recycling anger and rage, which by the way, is usually the deepest and most important dynamic for individuals with emotional challenges to resolve. Anger does not always reside in a conscious domain. I'm sure you are aware that being physical with material objects is misplaced aggression.

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