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How do I find appropriate treatment?

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I’ve got social anxiety. I’m 21, from the uk and am currently on a work placement away from my family. I’ve been seeking out treatment for about 3 weeks now and cannot find anything appropriate. There are lots of psychologists/counsellors/therapists offering CBT for anxiety, but i would really like to find someone who specializes in social anxiety and I just can’t find anyone. Should I just go for CBT for general anxiety or would that not be beneficial? I feel like for something that is quiet common I cannot find appropriate help. Have anyone you’ve met found the same problem?

Many people have asked the same question.The reality is that there are not many therapists who specialize in the treatment of social anxiety. In my personal opinion CBT is an over-used cliche as it applies to therapy for social anxiety. The reason for this is that while cognition and behavior are very important, core emotional work ,concurrent with physiological "technique", is required for treatment efficacy. It's very easy to lump social anxiety in the same category as other anxiety disorders, but it is very different! That said; "Social Anxiety: The Untold Story" was produced by The Andrew Kukes Foundation for the purpose of educating mental health professionals. This 10 hr. plus DVD describes the Berent Method of treatment in detail. This methodology is the result of treating over 10,000 individuals of all ages with SA since 1978. Integrated into the program are interviews with many real patients who describe their process of healing. This DVD is the most detailed and comprehensive self-help program available. It will give you insight into the process for your recovery, and will give you information to help you become an informed consumer. I also suggest you listen to the relevant patient interviews in our free clinical library.

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