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Is there such a thing as a loner who needs very minimal social interactions?

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Dr. Berent, I wonder if you believe that some people need almost no social interactions?  (And I'm not talking about special needs here, like autistic). Have you met people in your practice (or just in life) who seem to have social anxiety because they have virtually no social interactions and are not seeking them, but then you find out that this person doesn't really feel the need in socializing.  He has a job, family, personal hobby that doesn't involve others, and he doesn't feel like he needs to have friends or learn to interact with people unless absolutely necessary.

There are individuals who manifest minimal social needs who have achieved a functional level of independence. This pattern of behavior and emotionality usually fits under the Aspergers spectrum. But, before there is an absolute conclusion regarding "doesn't really feel the need for socializing", I would suggest an objective analysis of any potential "enabling" that may be in place.

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