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Watery Eyes/ Eye Fluttering

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I beleive my question is related to social anxiety. Lately I’ve noticed my eyes will start to water and or flutter when walking through a room and making eye contact with somebody. Is this related and what could be done to stop?

If your eyes are not "watery" or "fluttering" until you enter the social-interactive scenario you are describing a variation of physiological adaptation to the environment (which by the way is the scientific definition of stress). It will be beneficial for you to bring to a conscious level your perceived threat and/or fear. What you can do is learn to accept the adrenaline, which is driving your "fight or flight" response and manage the exaggerated emotions asociated with the "fight or flight". Currently, I believe that when you first experience the initial internal sensation of adrenaline you get frustrated or angry, and this increases the physiological process that is uncomfortable.

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