Telephone/Skype Therapy for Selective Mutism

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Obviously this is not for the mute child, but rather for the parent or care-giver. Productive therapy for selective mutism is primarily based on corrective parenting to teach an “empowering process.” The objective of this strategy is to end the enabling of the compulsion to the avoidance of speaking that is present on the part of the selectively mute dependent. This is fundamental to the success of treating selective mutism.

Having worked with hundreds of individuals of all ages with selective mutism, this methodology has been refined at Berent Associates. All too often parents will take a selectively mute child to a therapist who conducts one-to-one therapy. Without teaching parents how to develop a concrete therapeutic game plan, one-to-one therapy is, in most cases, a waste.

Sessions with Jonathan are $245 for 30 minutes. In the initial phase of treatment sessions are weekly. As the learning curve becomes productive and treatment objectives are attained sessions become less frequent.

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